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Ammolite is a very protective stone. It works with the root chakra, and it will channel your energies and help you perfectly tune them. Ammolite is best for people who need steadiness, structure, and grounding in their lives. Even if you will only achieve this by going through major emotional shifts, having this powerful stone with you will help you understand the shifts that are taking place. This stone will give you very strong protective energies that will help you survive any kind of challenge, problem, trauma, or even catastrophe.

It will bring you prosperity, fortune, and luck. It’s also a stone that will help you reach deep meditative states. It will also enhance your dreams and give you prophetic dreams. It also has the ability to make you remember your past lives. This stone is usually used to bring about personal awakening. It will show you how you can harmonize with your environment on a physical and spiritual level. The energies of this stone will help you have a better understanding of the cycles of creation and the necessary evolutionary shifts.

Ammolite is defined by intuitive knowledge, grounding and prosperity, and it’s energies will also support you as you find your spiritual path.


Set in Sterling Silver

Ammolite Pendant #7

Excluding GST/HST
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