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Chlorite Quartz is a powerful energy cleanser that can be used to purify the energy in our aura, chakras, and all meridians so that we feel energized and in good health. It can be used to release energy blocks, negative emotions, particularly anger and irritation, as well as nervousness and anxiety that cause spiritual hurt or stagnation. Chlorite Quartz helps you to connect with our guides and healing power. Chlorite Quartz inspires us to connect with nature. 

Similar to Green Phantom Quartz, Chlorite Quartz is said to increase your luck,  increase ambition and helps convince your mind to not give up. As stone of transition, Phantom Quartz can relieve the stress, anxiety, fear or regrets that accompany major shifts in your life, much like physical growth, emotional and spiritual growth can cause growing pains. You can forge ahead with the calming, motivating energy of Chlorite Quartz.


*You will recieve all pieces shown

Chlorite Quartz Bundle #11

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