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A simple, beautiful, unusual 55 card oracle deck designed to gently nudge your intuition. An intuitive deck based on the premise that your own internal voice knows best, and that you hold your own best answers. This campaign includes an option to gift a deck to a stranger, because I believe in the power of giving, and enabling small acts of kindness. Add-ons to the deck include stickers, crystals, and digital downloads, which are explained at the end of this text. 

This 55 card oracle deck has been designed to support the personal wellness journeys of those who use it. Oracle decks can be a wonderful aid to meditation, or used as a way to spark deep conversations with yourself and others. They can be used in divination, or to provoke a new perspective on a situation that feels stuck. They are perfect for aiding reflection, and for journaling. You can choose a card at random and study what it means to you at that time, or you can choose one on purpose that you'd like to reflect with. Similar to Tarot decks, the internet is filled with creative, insightful ways to use these sorts of decks, and this deck can fit in perfectly with whatever method you use. 

Unlike some other more complicated decks, there are no elaborate stories here. No paragraphs of detailed descriptions, no lengthy passages detailing different meanings and interpretations.  And although in Updates you'll be given deeper dives into my favourite cards to see all the context and thought I've put into them... what you take from them is entirely up to you. 

In our complicated, modern lives we often seek guidance, but immediately bypass the one person who could help us the most. Our own Selves. We assume other people know better, we presume our instinct is defective, or maybe we just forget our own power sometimes. I am a firm believer that our true inner voice, our sincere, spirit-filled intuition, deserves more air time in our heads. In my own little way, this deck is designed to help you connect with your Self, and to initiate a conversation with your deepest knowledge. Nature also plays a huge role in this deck. I believe deeply in the magic of the Earth, and how much we can learn from her, and that even without knowing it we tap into that energy every day. This deck adds to that energy.


And here's a little bit about me, and why I created this deck. 

My name is Sara, and I'm an artist, illustrator, pagan, nature lover, green witch, and professional whim follower. I created a successful Tarot campaign on Kickstarter in May of 2022, which opened my spirit-informed illustrations to a whole new (and beautiful) audience. The Tarot deck was made to take down barriers and open up accessibility. Made with very simple, colourful designs, it was made to take away some of the layers of esotericism and symbolism that can sometimes be overwhelming to newcomers, and that ultimately keeps many people away from something that can be very meaningful. 

I am a lover of oracle decks, and the success of that campaign gave me the creative spark to create this. These creatures (sometimes I'll refer to them as monsters, but I appreciate not everyone finds that word very positive!) have shown up in countless pieces of my artwork over the years, from my woodburning, to doodles, to illustrations. I'd also recently begun experimenting with more atmospheric digital artwork. This deck brings together this style of artwork, my beloved creatures, my love of nature, and my sincere belief that connecting to ourselves on a soul level is important, possible, and not as complicated as we're made to believe. 

In addition to illustration, I do a lot of artwork on wood (particularly pyrography), I make impermanent nature altars, I paint, and I do a lot of work with crystals and crystal grids... to name a few of my creative outlets. 

Creatures Oracle Deck - Sara Kathleen - INDIE DECK

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  • London, UK

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