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Welcome to Creatures Tarot. A simple, intuitive, nature-focused, human free tarot deck designed to be accessible and to support your intuition.

Creatures Tarot is an 80* card tarot deck that, despite taking artistic liberties, stays true to traditional RWS format. It is designed to strip away many of the barriers that are often found in more traditional tarot decks. Creatures Tarot has simplified imagery that helps you connect with message quickly, before referencing outside sources. The creatures help us see the card meanings for what they are, without quite as much projecting our own human expectations onto them. They are accessible, friendly, and honest. 

The deck includes a booklet with brief descriptions, but the main message here is that you don't need a complicated library of resources to get a meaningful connection to tarot. Your intuition is powerful. These cards (and all tarot) can speak to you, in your own circumstances, from your own position in life. 


  • The cards are standard 70x120 tarot size with rounded edges.
  • Cards are packaged in a rigid box, and come with a small booklet containing brief card despriptions and meanings.
  • I use 310gsm Heretic smooth, black-cored "Playing Card" stock which is thinner than a standard tarot card, which means it is slightly more flexible. 
  • I have kept my printing and suppliers as local as possible to support local industry, and to keep the carbon "travel footprint" of my decks as low as possible. These cards are manufactured in Cambridgeshire. All of my add-ons include details of where the product comes from.
  • This is the third deck I've had manufactured, and if you have a previous deck of mine you'll notice a difference in the card edges. I've changed printers to be able to provide you with a smoother edge (although they are not coloured) and also I can now produce rigid boxes. 

The deck includes all 78 traditional cards plus two bonus cards, "the journey" and "belief". 

Some cards deviate quite strongly away from the traditional imagery, including the Six of Pentacles and Death, among others. However, I believe the art I've created still rings true to the essence of the cards. Instead of Death being a grim, shrouded skeleton for example, my Death (depending on which arcana you reference) is either a butterfly or tiny mushrooms. Both represent the decay and transformation into something else. Death is natural, death is a doorway, death has meaning and richness to it beyond grief and fear. I hope my artwork speaks to those messages. 


Essentially I couldn't decide which Death card I liked better. And then I got a second idea for a Hierophant. And well... the ball just kept rolling. This set of 22 cards comes in its own velvet bag, although you can fit them into the box if you don't mind a bit of a squeeze.

Creatures Tarot with BONUS 22 cards & bag - Sara Kathleen - INDIE DECK

Excluding GST/HST
  • London, UK

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