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The Faceted Garden Oracle makes a great companion to my first deck, The Illuminated Earth Oracle, as well as pairing well with other tarot and oracle decks.  Inspired by the symbolism and metaphor of the garden, the artwork was intuitively hand-painted using a variety of collage, and other mixed media.  

This is the second edition and includes two new cards, 52 in total. It comes in a two-piece sturdy box with an accordion-folded guide that includes brief meanings for each keyword.  The cards are on 350 gsm paper with a smooth matte finish that's easy to shuffle.  They are edged with a holographic foil and have a lovely rainbow shimmer, as does the title on the front of the box.  They measure approximately 4.75 x 3 inches.



Claire Mack

Making art has always been a source of transcendence for me.  I believe that art has a profound healing influence on both the artist and the viewer.  Through the depiction of beauty, truth, and recognition of the human condition, our spirits are uplifted and connected on a deeper level.  

In my work, I portray figurative images, symbolic beings that represent my inner experience and life process.  More often than not, I am working intuitively, letting the images take shape as I go, thus, each piece is unique, connected by the thread of my spirit and surroundings.  I also use imagery from nature, which is a continual source of inspiration and healing energy. As an artist, it is my hope to provide a common visual language that is both provocative and soothing to those who resonate with my work.

Most of my pieces are built up on panels or canvas using multiple layers that may include paint, charcoal, antique and decorative papers, thread, fabric, gold leaf, wax, pencil, and crayon. For the last several years I've focused on the creation of divination decks, including the Illuminated Earth Oracle, the Faceted Garden Oracle, and the RainShadow Tarot. Each deck consists of original hand-cut collages and acrylic paintings on paper.

Faceted Garden Oracle - Claire Mack - INDIE Deck

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  • Washington - USA

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