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An oracle deck that centers on the cycle of sowing and harvest, exploring themes of productivity and rest. The cycle of sowing and harvest is one that we see reflected around us every day . . . there are times for productivity and there are times for rest. The Seed and the Sickle Oracle deck is designed to encourage reflection on both. Each card carries two meanings; one for times when moving forward is important, and one to help cultivate your own well-being. Whether you are sowing seeds for your next big project or harvesting rewards for a period of rest, The Seed and the Sickle will accompany you on this journey.


9781454944270 (1454944277)
Publish Date: 2021-12-14

The Seed and Sickle Oracle Deck - by Fez Inkwright

SKU: 9781454944270 (1454944277)
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