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The Artist...

Hello. My name is Luna Charlotte. 

Every aspect of this entire project is created by me. I made the art, wrote the book, edited all the files, and did all the back-end work of building this page and sourcing manufacturers. I have been practicing art professionally for about 5 years, travelling and exposing my artwork at hundreds of events in 13 countries.

Anyways, enough about me, you're here for the Octopus Tarot and Playing Cards so let's get back on focus!


Why Octopuses?

When I first started, I didn't understand what was calling me to create an entire deck themed around these alienesque beings.

As I dived into the project, every day it seemed, I would come across yet another fascinating octopus fact that made me go "WOW, these animals are SO STRANGE!"

I began SCUBA diving and visiting these squishy friends in person, allowing these interactions to inspire me even more deeply into the world of octopuses.


I like to think of octopuses as the genies of the sea. Why? 

Well, first off, they would easily fit in a genie lamp since they can squash themselves into itty bitty spaces. 

Second, they are just so mysterious, we know so little about them and everything we do know about them is totally contradictory to the rest of the animal kingdom. 

And lastly, I am convinced that they grant wishes. They are just so magical there is no other logical explanation of their purpose in life. (Might I add, every wish I have wished upon an octopus has been granted). 

There is nothing more fun and exciting to draw then these 8 armed shapeshifting mythical creatures. The many facets of their embodiment made them the perfect candidate for a tarot deck.


The Process...

The Octopus Tarot began as an intuitive journey 3 years ago. I had been sketching octopuses obsessively and I couldn't exactly figure out why. A friend was flipping through my drawings and said;

"Luna! This is a Tarot deck!"

Sure enough, I had intuitively drawn about 6 very recognizable cards from the tarot totally unintentionally. So I listened to my intuition and decided to embark on the crazy roller coaster ride that is the creation of all 78 cards. 

Along the journey of creating the deck, I gathered feedback and comments from those around me and on my social media platforms. I used polls to allow my community to help me with design decisions along the way and to create the best version of the deck possible. 

Each drawing started off as a totally intuitive drawing - which reflected entirely in their process. For example, if a card signified a time of rest and pause, that card would take me exceptionally longer than any of the others to complete as I would feel called to taking many breaks during it's creation.

I then took these drawings and had them all scanned at high resolution, which I cleaned up and edited with consistent backgrounds, and, of course, creating the layer for the holographic components.


- 22 Major Arcana Cards

- 56 Minor Arcana Cards
- 122 page guidebook
- Drawer box
- Gold gilding and detailing (on the front and back of cards, cover of the guidebook, and on the box)
- Cards measure 70mm x 120 mm and are printed on 350gsm paper with a semi-gloss finish


*tarot pouch included*

HOLOGRAPHIC Octopus Tarot Deck - Luna Charlotte - INDIE Deck

Excluding GST/HST
  • USA

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