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Kammererite is a high frequency crystal that harnesses the key to unlocking your soul. As a crown/ third eye chakra crystal it's violet rays will help you rise out of your physical body, bridging the spiritual and physical worlds together, helping you ascend to a higher plane of consciousness. With practice you will navigate your spirit into endless dimensions, collecting knowledge. This includes access to the Akashic Records, which is an ancient astral plane that holds the truth to life and the universe. Meditate with this stone directly over your third eye or crown chakra to activate remote viewing, lucid dreaming, and astral/dream recall.

Kammererite is also known as a stone for kindness and generosity. Its energy cultivates abundance and prosperity, without cultivating greed. It encourages you to have a strong moral compass, but to be flexible, realistic and open-minded.


Set in sterling silver

Kammereite Pendant - 3

Excluding GST/HST
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