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Lilac or Lavender Obsidian naturally speaks to the psychic abilities within us. It is a stone that facilitates visions, revelations, and lucid dreams. Lilac Obsidian has a charming energy that keeps us true to ourselves and trusting our deepest, intuitive voice. It helps facilitate astral travel. It stimulates one’s intuitive abilities and opens one to visions from their spirit guides. It can produce euphoria when entering a meditative state.

This Lilac Obsidian is created from natural products …. after all, glass is made of sand and sand is ground stone, which comes from the earth. Man made stones may have a different vibration, but that doesn’t make them less useful. It should always be about the vibration of a stone.

*Listing is for one tumble stone

Lilac Obsidian Tumble

Excluding GST/HST
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