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Some animals depicted within you might already have seen as loaves. (Kitties? Foxes?) But have you considered an Anglerfish loaf? What about a goat loaf? We are a collection of 76 artists who have come together to present a cute animal tarot deck, and we are excited for you to have a look at a variety of adorable animals that we have depicted!

The deck is a standard 78 card tarot deck, printed on thick cardstock paper and UV coated for protection of the cards.  This project has 76 artists participating artists from across the globe, with two artists having completed two cards each.  The tarot deck is the main feature of this Kickstarter, and it is starting out with holographic foil on the edge of each card, on the back of each card, and on the box! That’s a lot of pretty foil!

Each deck also comes with an insert listing the names of the artists who participated and the card that they illustrated.  Each card also lists the artist name and type of animal depicted. 

The deck is arranged in a rainbow! The Major Arcana cards encompass all of the colors, making them extra bright and vibrant.  The Minor Arcana transitions from red in the Wands suit and covers the full color spectrum, ending with purple in Pentacles.  When the cards are fanned out, they create a beautiful rainbow.



Aleksandra Popowicz "Foxinajacket" · Alicia Chen "alchenart" · Allison Strom · Amanda Coronado · Amanda S Gomes · Amy Nagi · Amy Stoddard · Anna Lark · Arclup · Ariel Vittori · Atelier Apricity · Audments · Birgitte M. R. Johnsen · bkomei · Caitlin Ono · Cari Corene · Cheryl Young · CHRISQI · Christa Paolucci · Chutkat · Cloverkin · CloverPuff · cosmicloak · Courtney V. Cusack · Crow Lee S. · Crystal Carpenter · Cynthia Conner · Deyanira Babcock · Dobie · Elizabeth "Beth" Jenkins · Emi Hartana · Emily L'Orange · EosFoxx · Eric Proctor "TsaoShin" · Eve Pierrelune · F.  Lee · GRRNELE · Hannah Staley · Ilinca Mitchell "Rat Lady Art" · Isabelle Melacon · jaywalkings · Jeanette Kulick · Jennifer Charlee · Jessica Rojo · Katch · Keri Ruediger · Kimberly Hom "SleepingWolvesArt"· Kit Snow · KM Steere · Krithika “Kay” Vasudevan · Li · Madalyn McLeod · Mamath · Mariana Gomes · Melissa 'Iggi' Workman-Chen "Alstro Arts" · Meredith Dillman · Nechama Frier · Nickol Jos "Shinepaw" · Nikury · Paeonygalaxy · Paula González · Perpetual Gomes "Pepzart" · Ru Xu · Rubindraws · Ruru · Samrae Duke · Sarah "StarDraws" Heinrich · Sarah Graybill "Tea Fox Illustration" · Sarah Rene Kraft · Sasha Morrissey "Feather Critter" · Sweetiedraws · The Crowned Rabbit · The Gorgonist · va1ly ·Vertiver Fox · Yami11arts 

Loaf Tarot - Various Artists - INDIE DECK

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  • Woodinville, WA

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