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There This oracle is something very special: a guiding light into another world, but also a guiding light through this world too. From the Foreword by Philip Carr-Gomm The Lucid Dreaming, Lucid Living Oracle draws from years of first-hand knowledge and extensive research by the mother-daughter team of Norma Burton and Nisha Burton. Their tools, techniques, and insights learned from experiential studies are unique, reinforced by the cards powerful teachings about both lucid dreaming and a message for one's waking life through lucid living. The reader will be inspired to trust their intuition and to become aware of their magical sense of interbeing with higher consciousness.  More and more people are accessing the mystery behind their dreams in order to connect more deeply with themselves. But what is lucid dreaming? It is coming to conscious awareness during the dream state. A lucid dream occurs when a person is asleep but becomes aware that they are dreaming. In this lucid state, a person can take control of their dream's narrative to some degree, essentially guiding and directing the course of their dream. Lucidity can be a way to explore things that a person might not be able to do in everyday life and translate that sense of personal empowerment into their waking life.The Lucid Dreaming, Lucid Living Oracle package will allow the dreamer to fully explore fantastic sensory and emotional experiences through the combination of an engaging text and strong, visually challenging illustrations. Dreamers will learn how to navigate through various states of consciousness with lucidity. Whether you are an experienced lucid dreamer or just beginning your journey, each card in the deck provides you with valuable tools to navigate the dream worlds as well as powerful answers to daily life dilemmas. The stunning symbolic cards are composed of two parts - the waking message and the dreaming message - thus integrating the instructions for both states of consciousness. Meditating on these insightful cards will strengthen your abilities to dream lucidly and offer guidance about how to move through waking reality more connected to your deep intuition. By allowing people to take control of their dreams, lucid dreaming can also help prevent nightmares or redirect the events of the dream toward something more pleasant or relaxing. This degree of control also helps the dreamer decrease anxiety, gain greater confidence, solve problems and bring more relaxation into situations that would normally cause them stress if they were to experience it in the real world. Because lucid dreaming allows the dreamer to invent or create anything within the dream, they can explore creatively and safely within the confines of a dream. This leads to less co-dependency and more security and balance in waking life.  If you feel unable to fully connect with your inner guidance, understand your dreamtime experiences, and are seeking a next-level tool to heal your inner wounds and unlock your fullest potential, then this deck is for you.  


9781590035382 (1590035380)

Publish Date: 2023-04-09

Lucid Dreaming Oracle Deck - by Philip Carr-Gomm - Nisha Burton -Norm Burton

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