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Call upon the fairies to grant your wishes with this magical oracle from renowned fairy expert Karen Kay. Fairies are the Earth's original manifesters. In this deck, fairy whisperer Karen Kay shows you how to call upon their kindness to manifest your deepest desires  be that health, wealth or happiness. Beautifully illustrated by artist Jane Delaford Taylor, the deck comprises 44 cards and a guidebook, with examples of ideas for layouts  from basic, quick readings, to more in-depth insights. Each card will show the wish a particular fairy is granting, along with affirmations and ways you can actually manifest this wish, all of which is explained in the guidebook.As you deepen your connection with the fairies, you'll discover how to open up to your inner power and strengthen your intuition.


9781788179188 (1788179188)

Publish Date: 2023-12-05

Manifesting with the Fairies Oracle Deck - by Karen Kay

SKU: 9781788179188 (1788179188)
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