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This necklace combines:

Amazonite - Optimism, Hope, Authenticity

Amethyst - Anxiety & Stress Reliever, Auric Protection, Calm, Spiritual Protection

Blue Chalcedony - Inner Peace, Honesty, Protector, Emotional Healing

Green Aventurine - Luck - Opportunity - Break Bad Habits - Manifest Wealth

Rose Quartz - Lower Stress, Clears Anger, Healing of the Heart, Attract Love

16" length


Having enjoyed our intention-setting combo bracelets, we're thrilled to introduce our carefully handcrafted necklaces! Crafted with dedication and attention to detail, each piece is made specifically with you in mind.

Necklace made with strong Polyester Thread and Stainless Steel Components

Size is close approximate

Message us for any custom order

Seeds of Love Necklace

Excluding GST/HST
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