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My Strange Tarot Deck is an 80 card Rider-Waite-Smith based tarot deck illustrated by Sunny Berro. Each card stays true to its core meaning all while giving you a strange and new take on tarot. In this deck you’ll be greeted with many different strange beings. Some of this world and some from worlds so far we could only imagine. But no matter where we are from and how different we look, some things are just universal and beyond. Things like anger, sadness, despair, joy and nostalgia. These are just some of the themes tarot helps us all connect with and relate to. With 'My Strange Tarot Deck' it’s no different. You’ll be taken on a new journey with intriguing and thoughtfully illustrated cards. I hope you get the chance to experience how strange and wonderful this deck can be on your journey to clarity, connection and things words just can't describe. 

Card Details:
- 80 Cards (two options for "The Lovers" and "Moon" Cards)
- 70x120mm
- 330gsm German Black Core Paper
- Rounded edges
- Matte Green Gilded Edges 
- Satin Finish (great for smooth shuffling)
- 12 Page Foldout Guide

Box Details:
- Durable Magnetic Flip Top Cover Box
- Rose Petal Matte Lamination
- Ribbon for easy access

Guide Details:
- 12 Page Accordion Foldout Guide
- Keywords for Upright and Reversed meanings
- Daily Tarot Spread

Deck Aesthetics:
I wanted the deck aesthetics to look like it has been used and patched up. Like something you would find tucked away in an old attic at your weird uncles messy house. This is why you will see scratches, dust and tape put into the card and box designs. For me, adding a little bit of grit and edge to the deck takes away the pressure of ruining your "perfect" new deck. As far as quality I did not want to compromise anywhere. I have chosen some of the best quality card stock and box structure. I want you to be able to get messy with this deck. To use it confidently and for a long time.

Diversity and Inclusivity : 
In this deck you will find beings of all sizes, shapes and genders. This was very important to me for a couple of reasons. One being that I wanted as many people as possible to relate to this deck and not feel excluded. Second being that it's just simply more fun and real. Even if some of these beings are aliens and angels. They are meant to be relatable. I mean shoot I feel like an alien most days.

Deck Colors:
The deck features two bold colors: “Slime Green” and “Black Hole Black”. The reason I chose to use only two colors is because I believe with a more minimal approach to the design you will be able to have a more personalized and insightful reading. But the beauty is you will still be able to capture meaning and depth through the illustrations on each card. Also i’m just obsessed with that green!

Custom artwork and branding Copyright © StrangeMystics and artist Sunny Berro.

My Strange Tarot Deck - Sunny Bero - INDIE Deck

Excluding GST/HST
  • Michigan - USA

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