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The name "Nazca Quartz" comes from the region in southern Peru where the enigmatic Nazca Lines are located.  They possess quartz's qualities, such as those of master healers and clarity-bringers.  Another stone of vision and understanding, Nazca Quartz aids in introspective work and self-knowledge.  It is a fantastic tool for self-discovery and self-acceptance.  By using Nazca Quartz in this way, you can discover their life's purpose and the way to go about achieving it.  As a stone of illumination, transparency, and truth, Nazca Quartz brings tranquility, understanding and mindfulness.

The Nazca Lines are a collection of pre-Columbian geoglyphs carved into desert sands in southern Peru. 


*You will recieve the exact crystal in the photo

Nazca Quartz #13

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