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Polychrome Jasper has very strong grounding, centering, and stabilizing energy that will deepen and strengthen your connection to Mother Earth. This Jasper will support you in finding new relationships that will bring out the best in you. It will attract a new love, a new relationship, or a new romance. It will also inspire you to celebrate the precious gifts of nature in your life. It will give you physical vitality and strength, and it will enhance your physical and spiritual life. It will help you begin the cycle of life once more after suffering a major setback in your life. It will inspire awe and invite a feeling of magic and mystery.

Polychrome Jasper will be a powerful tool in interpreting your dreams and inspiring you to achieve great deeds and major accomplishments.It’s a stone that will bring the magic back into your life and your relationships.


8mm Bead Size


Polychrome Jasper Bracelet

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