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LAST COPY - OOP - Rare Find!

The Tarot of Curiosities is a 78 card deck of the major and minor arcana re-imagined in cut paper and photographic collage. The cards are large at 3"x 5", come in a clamshell box signed by the artist.

Guidebook also included


"Looking through the images is like wandering through a dusty, old curiosity shop and exploring all of the antiques and oddities to be found there. Atmospheric Victoriana with a dash of steampunk, a healthy dose of creepy nurses with antiquated hospital supplies, and shades of dark attic mysteries.....that is the Tarot of Curiosities. The dark coloring and vintage style photo art remind me of the Stretch Tarot, but with a darker twist." - RiverRunsDeep

Tarot Forum Review

LAST COPY Tarot of Curiosities WITH BOOK - Nicole Boniello - INDIE DECK

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  • New York, United States

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