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At the intersection of technology and magic. Conjured from the converged minds of humans and machines. 

- Reimagined 78 card core set
- 7 Bonus cards
- Upgraded card stock
- Black gilded edges
- Minimalist markings
- Magnetic box
- Color booklet + online guide
- Online guide and worldbuilding at
- Each set comes double shrink wrapped (box and deck)

The Setting:
What secrets lie in the cosmic connectome? Can they be accessed through the communion of human and machine? The Technomage Tarot deck seeks to answer these questions and more.

Existing in a future bred from an alternative past, The Technomage deck depicts a society balancing on the razor thin line between dystopia and utopia. A gritty world where the forces of technology and magic combine to create a reality born of will.

This world is inhabited by cybernetic beings, sentient AI, and human magicians. Four factions cooperate, scheme, and fight for control. Each influencing the fool's journey through the major arcana.

The Deck:
In this world, the classical tarot suits are reimagined. Swords are replaced by weapons including robot soldiers, missiles, and firearms. Wands are replaced by technologies, both esoteric and familiar. Cups are replaced by a variety of crystal balls called orbuculums. And finally, pentacles are replaced with sigils of all kinds. Each card is truly unique.

The major arcana represents the fool’s journey through a fantastic world full of technology and magic.

The Creator:
Lee has been fascinated by tarot and other divination tools for over three decades, owning and using dozens of decks. His unique experience as an artist, writer, and data scientist combined to form the world from which these images were conjured.

The Technique:
Launched on Kickstarter on Aug 23, 2023, Lee believes this to be the first Tarot deck created in collaboration with artificial intelligence. His process starts with meditation and visualization to imagine each card and its context within the world in which they exist. He then works with artificial intelligence in a process he views as conjuring. This involves prompting the AI with words to produce seed images, which he then alters manually, then feeds back to the AI. This becomes a cycle until he gets the desired result. Final work is done in Photoshop. An arduous process, each card takes about five hours to perfect.

Technomage Tarot Deck - Lee Duncan - INDIE DECK

Excluding GST/HST
  • Los Angeles, CA

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