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A tarot card deck of cute ninjas.


The Cute Ninja Tarot Deck includes 80 cards, featuring a title card, the major arcana, all four suits and a bonus blank card. Bring a light humorous touch to even your darkest reading with The Cute Ninja Tarot Deck!


Created by

Michael A. Carroll


"I'm a long time self publishing cartoonist based in Columbus, Ohio. I've had an interest in Tarot for several years, but outside of a personal deck I created for self learning and self improvement, I'd never considered publishing one, until, well, until ninjas.


I created a ninja typeface/font/dingbat a few years ago, as a way to quickly make digital comics and art. The comics and designs that resulted from that project proved to be very popular, and I started thinking about other ways to use the ninja font, and during a tarot reading with a friend, was inspired to begin research for a ninja tarot deck.


Eight years of maybes, one year of research and eight months of creating and here it is!"


The Cute Ninja Tarot - INDIE Deck

Excluding GST/HST
  • Columbus, Ohio - USA

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