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This 60-card deck is an invitation into the Deep Place -- a space to feel deeply, grieve for real, create from the soul, and explore what’s alive in the shadows -- a space where there’s freedom to wander, permission to descend, and room to ask the big questions.

My hope is that these cards invite you into something deeper -- and support you in making room + opening space for truth-telling, grief-journeying, mystery-dwelling, beauty-seeking, and magic-making.

The deck is divided in three categories: the Above, the Below, and the Liminal.  

The Above speaks to the daylight world; to what's visible + clear; to what we can see, know, and experience in full light + color.

The Below refers to the underworld; to the unseen + subconscious, the shadows + the mysteries; to all that's alive below the surface.

The Liminal illuminates the both/and, the neither/nor, and the spaces between.

The Deep Place is a sanctuary for all of it (and for all of us).

The deck includes 60 cards printed on 400 gsm paper with a matte finish + gold edging. Cards measure 3 x 4.75". A guidebook + 2-part box are included. 

The Deep Place Oracle Deck - Rae Serafina Barker - INDIE Deck

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