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The Insect Tarot is, predictably, an insect-themed tarot deck, with major and minor arcana as well as a companion guide full of insect facts and tarot card explanations.

All designs and products shown here are subject to change as I continue to prototype and proof the deck and companion guide.


How I Got Here

When I was six years old, I spent Thanksgiving making a "menu" of different insect traits and asked my relatives to choose one from each category, then gave them drawings of the imaginary creatures. Clearly, I haven't changed much.

I'm constantly juggling side projects in addition to my job making games. I don't finish  many of those projects. I definitely didn't plan on finishing this deck when I started it nearly three years ago. But something about it kept me coming back, slowly making one card at a time as the world changed around me.


The Deck

The deck contains 78 sturdy tarot-sized cards (2.75" x 4.75") with a smooth matte finish. It comes in a rigid two-part box with designs on the top and sides.

Insects, with their metamorphoses and biological castes and extreme ecological diversity, provide a wealth of symbolism that can be worked into a tarot deck. Each individual card has been paired with an insect, but additional symbology is spread across multiple cards. For instance, five cards in the major arcana line up to tell the story of the Fool's Journey as portrayed by a universal symbol of change and growth: the monarch butterfly.

Each of the minor arcana suits is associated with a type of eusocial insect that appears on the aces and court cards: bees (cups), termites (pentacles), wasps (swords), and ants (wands). Other motifs tie the entirety of each suit together.


The Guide

The companion guide is a perfect-bound 4"x 6" booklet with a smooth finished matte cover. It contains a short intro and a full page description of each card.

The Insect Tarot Deck - Loren Sherman - Indie Deck

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