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Tribal Soul series incense by Hari Darshan

Hari Darshan Tribal Soul Masala Incense Sticks are a smooth burning, 100% natural, hand-rolled incense stick made from exotic blends of herbs, gums, resins, woods, and oils. This incense comes with a round ceramic holder.

Crystal healing is an alternative medicine that involves using gemstones to bring balance to an individual's life and mind. This technique uses semiprecious stones and crystals such as quartz, agate, amethyst, or opal, to cure ailments and protect against disease. It is believed that crystals act as conduits for healing - enabling positive, healing energy to flow into the body, boosting low energy, preventing bad energy, releasing blocked energy and transforming a body's aura.



Hand-rolled in India
No child labor used
No Animal by-products


Note : For fragrance purpose only. Keep out of the reach of children. Never leave burning incense unattended.


Price for each box


Tribal Soul Crystal Healing Incense Sticks

Excluding GST/HST
  • India

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