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This is a timeless and vibrant collage deck of cards inspired by nature, fairytales, sci-fi, The Rider-Waite-Smith, Ancient Egypt, and the Baltics.

This is a timeless and vibrant tarot deck consisting of 78 tarot cards. Each deck comes with a folded cheat-sheet with glimpses at the meanings of the cards.

This in an invitation for you to receive a vintage-inspired tarot deck with a modern sci-fi twist. This deck explores themes present in contemporary tarot art such as sci-fi and fantasy, and does it while also keeping both feet firmly on the ground.

If you're a seasoned tarot reader, this is an opportunity to get a fresh viewpoint, and if you're a complete beginner, I've got you covered with a basic cheat-sheet of meanings included with each deck.

It's a 78 card tarot deck printed in full color on 330 g/m2 paper, with rounded corners and no borders. This includes a double sided cheat-sheet with a nudge to the meanings of the cards.


Vibra Tarot Deck - Alise Romeiko - INDIE Deck

Excluding GST/HST
  • Riga, Latvia

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