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A pocket-sized, portable version of Abiola Abrams' popular oracle deck featuring African goddesses, spirits, and ancestors to support healing and spiritual awakening. One of Hay House's top-selling decks now comes pocket-sized! This travel-sized edition, African Goddess Rising Pocket Oracle, is packaged in a compact box perfect for your on-the-go spiritual journey. African Goddess Rising Pocket Oracle is a beautiful oracle deck of 44 African goddesses, spirits, queens, and ancestors from many powerful peoples that reach from the continent of Africa and through the diaspora. Faithful to sacred truths and secrets passed down through oral tradition. this deck will support you as a tool for divination, healing, awakening, and personal development.



9781401973643 (1401973647)
Publish Date: 2023-09-19

African Goddess Rising Pocket Mini Oracle Deck by Abiola Abrams

SKU: 9781401973643 (1401973647)
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