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The Alchemy Flower Oracle, based on 48 flowers grown at Alchemy Farm on Salt Spring Island, creates connections from the world of flowers and the messages they carry. Each card includes the common and Latin name and a short one line meaning that along with the imagery gives you various ways to quickly access your own intuition. The printed guidebook provides more detailed information plus links to guided meditations, artwork downloads, journal prompts and more. 

I believe that we are all deeply intuitive. This deck is meant to be used as a way to begin communicating with the natural world and flowers that carry messages that your intuition can interpret and understand. The cards are a healing tool to help you explore your connections to yourself and the world around you. 

The Oracle can be used for a one card reading for a daily message or quick insight to your question. You can also use the Oracle for a more in-depth reading using one of the suggested methods in the guidebook or one that you’re comfortable with.

Alchemy Flower Oracle Deck

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  • Canada

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