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AlcheMystical Tarot deck provides a new approach to tarot, created and written by Sara Roberts and beautifully illustrated by Chinkal Pareek.

AlcheMystical Tarot deck is an original, independently designed FIVE-element tarot deck, featuring 92 cards (5-Element Minor Arcana cards/22 Major Arcana cards). Along with the deck is a guidebook, which examines a deeper meaning of the tarot system, and an advanced look at consciousness and the process of becoming more self-aware.

Virtually all classic and modern tarot decks only include four elements (Earth-Pentacles, Air-Swords, Fire-Wands, and Water-Cups). AlcheMystical Tarot deck features the often forgotten element of Spirit, along with  22 Major Arcana cards.

The user of this deck is more than welcome to read this system using traditional tarot teachings, as well as study the deeper meanings of the cards themselves by using the guidebook to self reflect. The guidebook also features The Five Elements of Life card spread, designed to help the user see and feel more deeply into experiences.



Sara Roberts brought the five-element tarot idea through to encourage the user to deeply self-reflect on life experiences through conscious awareness. The content is thought provoking, informative, and eye-catching. Chinkal Pareek brought this vision to life by creating stunning, colorful, and diverse artwork. Through their collaborative efforts and shared vision, they have developed this intuitive tool.


Sara is clairsense adept, using all of her intuitive senses, and has been aware of her connection with her guides since she was a young child. She has provided thousands of readings with exceptional accuracy over the course of her life. As a seer and medium, Sara works with the angelic realms, her guides, and her own life experience to see into past, present, and future energies. As an eternal student, she has studied tarot and astrology extensively and uses these teachings to assist in her work. Sara is a mother, an astrologer, animal communicator and medical medium. She holds degrees in Veterinary Technology, Human Services with a focus in Gerontology (study of aging), and is a Certified Canine Massage Therapist (CCMT). Currently, Sara is working toward a degree in Graphic Communications and Design.


AlcheMystical Tarot Deck - INDIE Deck

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  • Cedar Rapids, IA - USA

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