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Blue Earth Tarot welcomes you into a dreamy and contemplative world. This 78 card fine art tarot deck is made from a photographic printing process called cyanotype and takes inspiration from the natural world. Blue Earth Tarot follows the tarot system found in the Rider Waite Smith Deck. The deck's suits are named in a traditional manner, but their symbols have been adapted: water droplets (cups), clouds (swords), sticks (wands), hands (pentacles). The Major Arcana mixes nature based imagery with inclusive human forms. 

Cyanotype is a photographic process that produces blue prints. I've developed a way of working with cyanotype that is fairly unique, I filmed the process while the deck was being created. To learn more about the inspiration and steps that went into this deck please check out the video below where I walk you though the creation of Blue Earth Tarot.


About the artist, Alyson Davies.

I am a visual artist, gardener and tarot creator who is extremly excited to present to you Blue Earth Tarot. My first deck, the Earth Child Tarot was created in 2018 and is now on it’s 3rd printing. In the studio I make large oil paintings, creating colourful narrative works that explore our relationship with nature, I also work in ceramics and printmaking. I've shown my studio work across North America. I love being outdoors, going for long walks, cycling and canoeing.  I have a grey cat named Freya who is very sweet. 

Blue Earth Tarot - Alyson Davies - INDIE DECK

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  • Edmonton, Canada

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