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The Colorful Tears Tarot is a handmade, seventy-eight-card tarot deck where you'll find yourself at home with beautiful humans that speak, resist, and make despite a world of limits and hate!Through their vibrant world, you'll walk into the creative landscape of Self to explore, play, learn, and dare your dreams outta reverie and into the real. In the land of Colorful Tears, you'll laugh alongside dripping rainbows. You'll smile and sigh. Life is full of colorful tears, and there's space for all of them, here.

The deck includes:- 78-tarot cards matte-printed on 350 gsm archival paper.- The cards are square, sized 3.75” x 3.75”- The deck comes in a sturdy, two-part tray box.- This is hand-drawn!The book includes:- 250+ pages, printed in full color. For real!- Lots of glory and spunk! The book is larger than most guidebooks, sized 4.25” x 5.75” for easy reading.- 2+ pages of writing per card. And there’s a lot of other info, too.- The font of the book is handwritten. Yep! I went the extra mile (or 500, lol).- Information about working with the deck and a special section devoted to working with the square-format deck.

The book and deck are not housed together.

More about this deck:I wanted to create a non-binary, vibrant, creative deck that brings hope to a dark world! Let's envision a new reality where differences are celebrated and authenticity reigns!

The Colorful Tears Tarot changes a few card names while preserving the traditional structure of the 78-card deck.

Here's what to expect:

These Major Arcana cards have been changed:- The Magician = The Creator- The High Priestess = The Seer- The Empress = The Cultivator- The Emperor = The Leader- The Hierophant = The Mystic- The Wheel of Fortune = The Wheel- The Hanged Man = The Hanged One- Judgement = Awakening

The above changes allow the reader to create their own gender associations and apply their own religious viewpoints (Temperance, for example, is a Christian virtue. I've changed it to "Wellness," which is one of the keywords most practitioners associate with this card). Also, cards like "The Emperor" have been changed to remove power from kings and rulers. These are the folks starting wars in the world. I don't want them in my tarot deck! No way.

Here are the changes to the Minor Arcana:-

Suit of Swords = Suit of Scissors- Suit of Wands = Suit of Matches- Suit of Cups = Suit of Tears- Suit of Pentacles = Suit of TapesYou'll notice a little bit of a nod to Riot Grrl in the Suit of Tapes. Not familiar with this movement? No worries – the art on the cards offers an intuitive read for all peeps. You got this!

Here are the changes to the Court Cards. For these, I chose to rename the cards according to the keywords most often associated with those cards, removing power castes and gender from their titles and allowing for a more open viewpoint:-

The Page = The Explorer- The Knight = The Rebel- The Queen = The Connector- The King = The InnovatorThis deck is hand-drawn, created over a period of two years (no AI bots, here!).
Copyright Rebecca Schoenecker 2023

Colorful Tears Tarot with Book - Rebecca Schoenecker - INDIE Deck

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  • Asheville, NC - USA

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