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Connecting to Nature's Essence

Animal Symbolism


Air Creatures

  • Connection to the Divine
  • Overcoming great odds


Water Creatures

  • Exploring emotional matters
  • The subconscious realms


Earth Creatures

  • Rooted and grounding
  • Manifestation and growth


Astrological Interpretations

The twelve house cards indicate how other cards are influencing your life: that is why these cards should be separated from all other cards, shuffled, and drawn separately.


Each house card provides keywords, hints to help your reading, and a question to ask yourself.

Numerology within the Cards Each # has keywords and Tarot associations, but the influence changes for each suit:

Example: 1 means Seeds Being Planted.

  • 1 & Air/Swords/Thoughts indicates ideas.
  • 1 & Water/ Cups/Emotions reveals feelings about seeds being planted.
  • 1 & Fire/Rods/Action focuses on the initial steps that one needs to take.
  • 1 & Earth/Coins/Security may require funds to get a project started.


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Everglow Oracle Card Deck - by Shufelt, Trisha Leigh

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