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In the emerging realm of feminine empowerment, fearless means being present with your fear and allowing your soul's sovereignty to accompany it step by step. Our competitive society would have us believe that fearlessness comes from domination and battle-worthy behavior. But the new order encourages power through cooperation. To fight like a girl is to let your fear cooperate with your love. Let your hesitation champion your courage. Discover your power by facing down your demons, doubts and insecurities with this 44-card deck full of inspirational messages by muse Angi Sullins and art by Bente Schlick. Fear less and brave more, woman. It's time you fight like a girl. Set Includes 44 gold gilt-edged cards, 104-page illustrated guidebook and organza drawstring pouch


9781646711420 (1646711424)
Publish Date: 2023-08-14

Fearless Fight Like a Girl Oracle Deck - by Angie Sullins

SKU: 9781646711420 (1646711424)
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