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HEM Palo Santo Organic Blend Incense


Palo Santo is a rare and high priced wood. It is said to be holy as well as considered to be sacred for cleansing homes from bad energies.

The fragrance as per tradition is said to induce a sense of clarity, concentration, and repels both insects as well as depression. The incense fights bad and foul odour spreading its essence all over the surrounding.


Arruda, a spice plant was earlier used as a cure for remedies in the Middle Ages and today, it is grown as an ornamental plant. Arruda Incense helps promote well-being, relaxation and also aids in the recovery process.


Aura when you need cleansing of your auric field.


Cinnamon is believed to infuse positive energy in you and your environment.

Moreover cinnamon fragrance is considered as superpower that helps in treating cold, indigestion, cramps and helps in rejuvenating one’s body and mind.


Palo Santo when infused with Frankincense has various benefits like activating ion channels in the brain, alleviating anxiety , reducing depression.


Palo Santo when blended with Myrrh helps in killing off harmful bacteria in the environment ,reducing lung congestion. It also acts as a powerful anti oxidant.


Palo Santo when infused with Rose helps in better memory retention, creates a romantic mood in the surrounding, reduces stress and anxiety levels and aids in getting a sound sleep.


Palo Santo when blended with Sandalwood helps in relieving anxiety and reducing fatigue. It helps in curing insomnia thereby aiding in good sleep. 


Hem Incense Sticks are a natural and unique blend of essential oils, herbs, flowers, and resins. They are handcrafted to diffuse an enchanting fragrance that lasts longer.

HEM Incense Blend - Arruda, Aura, Cinnamon, Frank, Myrrh, Rose, Sandalwood

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