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The Inner Guidance Oracle is a beautifully illustrated oracle deck that helps you receiving messages from your Guides and Higher-Self. It's purpose is to help you on your soul‘s unique path of growth, transformation, wisdom, and healing. 

It was created for those who want to connect with their higher spiritual guidance and accelerate their spiritual evolution. I encourage you to take a closer look while using the deck. You may find meaning in hidden symbols, colors, and shapes within these cards.

My intention in creating this deck is to give you a helpful psychic tool to get into an inspiring and honest dialogue with your Guides. I wanted a deck that communicates in a direct and honest way instead of giving sugar-coated messages only. This deck speaks to both: your Higher-Self and Shadow-Self. 

Once we learn how to balance our light with our dark we can learn how to provide ourselves with the self-love, healing, and acceptance needed to establish powerful boundaries from other people‘s energetic influence. 

If you feel drawn to this deck, then it is meant for you.   



Using this deck is very simple. Before starting a reading, get clear about what you are looking for. What is it you want guidance with? What is your intention with this deck? Begin shuffling the cards and ask your question(s) and let go of any expectations you have about an outcome. Leave it entirely to your intuition to pull the messages you need to hear. When you have chosen your card(s), take your time to really look at the imagery, the written message and symbols and how they speak to you. The Inner Guidance guidebook will assist you in diving deeper into the message of each card. 


☆ Cards per deck: currently 40 cards – with the possibility to unlock more
☆ Dimensions: 89mm x 127mm, 3.5” x 5”
☆ Material: Premium smooth card stock with a matte finish
☆ Packaging: Two-piece rigid box
☆ Guidebook: 100 page guidebook – 115x180mm, 4.5” x 7” in premium quality

Inner Guidance Oracle Deck - Nadine Sophie - Indie Deck

Excluding GST/HST
  • Berlin, Germany

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