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The true wonder of tarot comes from a desire to learn about oneself through guidance over what we might not see in our immediate perception. As we live our lives, depending on where we are in our journey, we can get too preoccupied and miss the big picture or in other cases, we forget to stop and pay attention to the important details. Tarot is an effective way for the universe to communicate and help us find the balance we seek within our lives or in different situations to lead a better future. Let the cat out of the bag, if you will!

The Meowholic Tarot deck depicts the world of tarot from the cats' point of view and the harmony they uphold with both nature and humans. The deck is a helpful reminder that the human perspective isn’t the only perspective that exists. Even though cats are majorly intertwined with human society and our daily lives, they perceive and live in a very different way. Thus, they have many important lessons to teach us.

Through the image of lovely cats in The Meowholic Tarot Deck, we would like to deliver a message: “No one can stop bad things from happening. At such times, instead of worrying, please take a small break and listen to the messages from the universe and your subconscious. Maybe you will find a new way that is more suitable for you or just simply is as carefree as cats. Everything will be fine. We hope that the Meowholic Tarot deck will be your companion facing up with the upcoming challenge.”


Created by

Dat Truong


Meowholic Tarot - INDIE DECK

Excluding GST/HST
  • Toronto, ON - Canada

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