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From the award-winning artist and author who brought you the bestselling Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle and Sacred Geometry Relationships Oracle decks, LON’s Modern Merlin Oracle is your new guide to awaken your inherent magic and multidimensionality.In Modern Merlin Oracle—which can be used as a companion to or independently from LON’s Modern Merlin book—the sacred and distinctive geometrical patterns present in each of the forty-four cards speak directly to the subconscious and soul, bypassing the three-dimensional linear mind and thus activating the existential understanding of the language of spirit and the universe, taking you to 5D and beyond.This new oracle deck from acclaimed artist LON is designed to encourage you to form a cohesive union with the heart and soul, transcend any perceived boundaries or limitations, and manifest your inner-most dreams by embracing the magical being you have always been. With the discovery that everything is made of energy—our physical bodies, our environments, even our thoughts, words, feelings, and beliefs—we are also learning that we can cocreate with the Universe, also known as the Source or God. This evolution is changing the current societal paradigm and belief systems from one of separation and polarization to one of inclusion and interconnectedness.


781582709031 (1582709033)
Publish Date: 2023-10-24

Modern Merlin Oracle Deck - by Lon

SKU: 781582709031 (1582709033)
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