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What is this deck about?

This deck holds the energy of Great Mystics from various lineages and dynamic spaces. The art and messages have been directly and lovingly channeled and connected with so that you can hold the wisdom and vibration of each of the chosen mystics in your hands. This gives you the opportunity to receive their guidance, love, and support.


The Oracle of Great Mystics is the collected work of many mystics, curated over long years into the splendid work you may hold in your hands. Each of the cards differs in use, meaning, and approach. The deck can provide guidance and lay the stones for your path to success, love, and enlightenment. With this deck, your journey to enlightenment could take another vital step.


Lying at the core of this deck’s construction was the importance of putting love and life and light into the world, and the theme of knowing the Self to better understand and aid the world is evident. Any feeling of warmth, love, or elation you know well should be what you try your utmost to replicate in your use of this deck, when and if you do decide to use it. The tapestry of meditations and exercises contained here has shown us that no problem is too large, and no person or witch or mystic too small, to go unaccomplished. So long as this deck is at your side, you can hope to meet any task that is placed before you, and in overcoming that hardship, you can hope to know and enlighten yourself. Great Mystics rest in this deck to support you.


 This deck has been brought together by three main contributors:

  • Earth Moon Magick, the Publisher
  • Mona Moon, the Writer
  • Mythsinart, the Artists


“Together we can restore forests, create habitat for biodiversity, and make a positive social impact around the world."

— One Tree Planted


We are living in a world of mass consumption and it’s important for us to bring awareness to this and positively counter the environmental impact we are making by developing this oracle deck. We ensure that any product that we create is sustainable and leaves a positive impact on the world.

This is why we’ve decided to plant one tree for each deck sold, both during this campaign and for as long as we sell the deck after the campaign is over. It’s essential for us to give back to Earth as she treats us so generously with the gift of her resources, which we use to create each deck.

We are mindful, respectful, and in alignment with our own personal ethos of supporting the world to be a conscious and sustainable place. Creating reciprocity with Mother Earth in this way is one of our efforts to give back to her. We receive so much from her, including this magical deck. So, this is a way we strive to give back to her.

This campaign could literally contribute to the planting of a whole forest. Honestly, this idea alone makes us feel so excited already.

To help us reach this goal, we’ve decided to team up with One Tree Planted.

Oracle of the Great Mystics - Earth Mook Magick - INDIE DECK

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  • Middletown, DE

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