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This deck was inspired by our love for the philosophy of Tarot cards, astrology, and studying the spiritual origin of man. That led us to an idea of the cosmic origin of each Soul, which was created from one source – the World Soul.


The Violet Soul Tarot 78 Cards Premium Deck includes:

- The Violet Soul Tarot 78 Cards Premium Deck with gold foil stamping on the back and stamping on the box.

- The Guidebook in English.


The Box of the Violet Soul Tarot 78 Cards Premium Deck:

The box of the Violet Soul Tarot deck will be made of cardboard with a density of 270 gsm. The box type is a tuck box.

Gold foil stamping technology has been applied on the box on details and text to give the box a luxury and uniqueness.


Each Violet Soul Tarot deck will be sold with a 80-page colored guidebook in English in a matte hardcover with a density of 200 gsm. 

The size of the guidebook will be  7 * 2.7 inches or 12 * 4.7 cm.

The detailed guidebook will explain the upright and reversed symbolic meanings of each Arcana card.  

We will also write two types of spreads for you, which you can use for your Tarot readings.

This guidebook isn’t a law, you can interpret cards in a way you feel. 

Just follow your heart and intuition.

Premium GOLD FOIL Edition Violet Soul Tarot - Sunstelo - INDIE Deck

Excluding GST/HST
  • Lviv, Ukraine

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