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Now you can connect to your intuition and learn an alternative method to healing through 28 exquisite art cards depicting guides, who share their secrets and inspire your curiosity. This is then paired with a symbolic companion book of animals, messages, and magical settings to aid in the unfolding story of you. Spark your imagination with dynamic spreads and examine the big questions in life as your guides help generate distinctive answers to your queries as you lay the cards out before you. Open your creative mind to solve problems and to learn techniques relating to caring for yourself and others. Each reading is entirely personal and will help you gain insight into some deeper issues that are not ordinarily seen in everyday life. Unique and playful guides reveal practical methods that show you how to recognize more magic within yourself and the world around you. This is a deck that will be treasured by youthful spirits, art lovers, dreamers, and anyone open to exploring challenges creatively.


9780764361685 (0764361686)
Publish Date: 2021-05-28

Secret Woods Oracle Deck - by Kelly Patton

SKU: 9780764361685 (0764361686)
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