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 Meet the Shadowseeker Tarot!

This unique tarot deck is my tribute to the shadow side of animals, plants & nature, and is filled with dark-yet-glowy aspects of our beloved natural world.

Like the original Joyseeker Tarot & Oracle, each card design in the Shadowseeker Tarot was hand-painted by yours truly, with a focus on the magic of the natural world and the beautifully deep shadows that lie within all of us.

 The Shadowseeker Tarot is based on the traditional Rider-Waite tarot deck, but with a delightful artistic spin. It will consist of the full 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana, with each and every card getting a complete and detailed illustration.

The cards are printed on gorgeous silky matte 350 GSM Art Stock, which gives a rich vibrancy to the cards will making them nice and sturdy.

They'll come in a beautiful matching two-piece rigid box to keep them safe, and will feature reversible backs.


Danielle Trudeau Studios

Winnipeg, Canada

Welcome! I'm a gal from the prairies of Central Canada with a serious love for all things art and wilderness. The inspiration for my work blossoms from my passion for nature, and I strive to bring a little more of the beauty of the natural world into our lives with each piece of artwork that I create.

Shadowseeker Tarot Deck - Danielle Trudeau - INDIE Deck

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  • Winnipeg, Canada

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