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THE TAROT  is a mysterious tool that provides access to the subconscious, and offers your higher-self, ancestors and guides a pathway to communicate  with you. It is a wonderful way to connect with your own guidance system and deepen you connection with your intuition.

THE COSMIC SEED  is representative of you and I. We are infinite, cosmic spirits, enmeshed in sacred flesh for a time, here on this planet. We are seeds of pure potential, here to grow and learn and share our magic with each other.

THE DECK:  Tarot of the Cosmic Seed is a 78  card digital collage art deck. I wanted to create a diverse deck that is instantly readable, whether or not you know the traditional meanings of the cards. It can feel daunting to learn the meanings of all 78 cards. My intention with Tarot of the Cosmic Seed was to make the process of interpreting each card straightforward through imagery, symbols and the frequency of the cards. There are many ways to interpret the tarot... and this deck will include a guidebook. But often, simply letting the pictures on the cards tell the story is all you need. Each card is a portal, an experience on it's own, a story waiting to be told. The imagery loosely follows the symbolism of the Rider-Waite lineage. 

FREQUENCY-   This deck is created with very high frequency intention. The images and colors are encoded with beautiful energy to help you recognize the divine in yourself and others. 

MY STORY:  My name is Lalania Simone Carrillo, I am an mystic, artist and author on a journey of awakening. I come from the Cosmos and was raised by the streets. My mother is Mexican American and my father is Puerto Rican, but that's not the whole story. I was excited to learn that my ancestry has roots in 15 differnt regions of the world. I am grateful to be a rainbow child of the Universe, and I hope to fully embody the understanding that we are all aspects of the same Source. When it comes down to it, we are all one.

I grew up in Denver, CO, during a time when gangs were running neighborhoods all over the city, and the crack epidemic was severely impacting communities of color.  My mother sent my sister and I to Catholic school as a way to balance our life in the hood , it was a safe place in all the crazy.  As a teen, violence and death were firsthand realities as I ran the streets with my homies. It was a very raw experience, and something I will never forget.  I made it through, and am able to look back with gratitude. Those experiences made me who I am, and gave me a very unique perspective of life. 

Around age 20 I had a spiritual awakening of sorts, I came to understand that my life would be dedicated to expanding my consciousness, to seeing the Divine in all beings and things, and helping others do the same. In 2009 I had the opportunity to publish a book (Urban Soul Warrior: Self Mastery in the Midst of the Metropolis).

I received my first tarot deck from my mother when I was a in my early twenties. As my love for tarot grew, I couldn't help but notice the need for more diversity in tarot and oracle cards.  I wanted to see me in the cards. It has been inspiring to witness the myriad decks now being published by independent creators with such rich diversity.

Tarot of the Cosmic Seed - Lalania Simone - INDIE Deck

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  • Aurora, CO - USA

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