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A hauntingly appealing oracle deck that connects us with our past and opens the potential of our future by connecting us with our ancestor archetypes, or spirit guides. The Beloved Dead includes 81 cards with vintage photographs depicting our collective family of ancestor archetypes.  The oracle can be used to help you connect with consciousness that has survived its incarnation here, in the land of form, and now resides energetically as Spirit. Enlightened radiant souls full of afterlife, every spirit in this deck is a bright star in the constellation that is our soul's enchanted quest. These are the voices of your protective and guiding ancestors, Spirit Helpers who understand that every minute you spend on this side of the veil, there's great work to be done. They've come together to reconcile the fellowship of the past, with the unlimited potential of the future. A special card called the Spirit Throne

is included to be used as a Seat of Honor, a sacred space within which to hold counsel with a particular card. The accompanying full-color guidebook provides an array of spreads to meet specific sorts of inquiry. While gender-specific pronouns are used in the descriptions of these cards, please use your intuition when connecting with the image on the card and develop a profile for its unique energy. At times, The Beloved Dead oracle cards will represent a specific soul, living or in spirit; at other times they may convey an experience, memory, event, or outlook, and always deliver a message related to the context of your question.


9781578638109 (1578638100)
Publish Date: 2023-04-09

The Beloved Dead Oracle Deck - by Carrie Paris & Tina Hardt

SKU: 9781578638109 (1578638100)
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