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This deck is an intuitive tool for finding hope in even the darkest of times. This sweet deck takes a look at what we perceive femininity to be, especially in tarot, and challenges it. It's cheerful, soft artwork encourages readers to find the bright side in the worst circumstances. Feminine energy can be strong and powerful yet vulnerable and emotional, and Velouria's Tarot takes the traditional gender binary in tarot and encourages the reader to take a new perspective on what feminine energy means. The artist created the deck during a difficult pregnancy and the global pandemic, and the artwork reflects her journey of holding on to joy and hope, even during the most difficult of times. Velouria's Tarot's goal is to encourage every reader to use the tarot as a tool of self-improvement and spiritual exploration through the lens of finding the silver lining in every situation. 


9780738765631 (0738765635)
Publish Date: 2020-04-08

Velouria's Tarot Deck by Sam Rook

SKU: 9780738765631 (0738765635)
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