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Enhance your divination practice with this 24-card pocket oracle deck featuring Nordic rune interpretations and majestic animal companions. Owls, ravens, snakes, and other magical animals dance across these cards. Each animal embodies the meanings, qualities, and energies of the various runes they have been chosen to symbolize. These cards are perfect for daily divination practice or as a tool to focus energy during rituals and ceremonies. Ask the cards for guidance, luck, protection, or new love. Author Athene Noctua provides a helpful introductory guide to the featured runes and their interpretations. Small enough to fit in a purse or pocket, this compact deck can travel with you, offering divine guidance wherever life may take you.


9781401973155 (1401973159)
Publish Date: 2023-09-26

Witch's Familiar Runic Mini Oracle Deck by Athene Noctua

SKU: 9781401973155 (1401973159)
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