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The Endless Oracle is an oracle deck like no other.


The images in this deck can be arranged in any order to form endless cohesive panoramas or timelines. 

"Myrioramas" like this were popular novelties in the 19th century but have been largely under-utilized in divination and cartomancy. Until now. 


The Endless Oracle was made with this concept in mind, making full use of the myriorama's potential as an oracle deck. It emphasizes cartomancy's role as a narrative tool, allowing readers to create spreads that may be read like stories. 


 Due to the flexible nature of a myriorama, the Endless Oracle's cards' meanings will change based on how they are paired together.


Each card is created with certain keywords and concepts in mind. Readers will find however, that the meaning of each card may shift considerably when arranged into different panoramas. The keywords and description in the included guidebook will allow you to use the Endless Oracle traditionally and help you to understand to the concepts behind each card, but the deck is designed to inspire your intuition as familiar cards take on all new meanings in different readings. 


The Endless Oracle base deck contains 50 unique cards inspired by the archetypes and narratives of Arthurian legends, Greek myths, and fantasy. Each card is rife with symbolism, and includes an astrological component such as a constellation, planet, or phase of the moon.


The deck is beginner friendly but will be a refreshing new take on the classical oracle deck to a seasoned reader. 


The cards are standard tarot-size and measure 2.75x4.75 inches. They are printed on S30 Standard Smooth card stock with a matte finish.The cards are light and flexible, but durable enough to easily riffle shuffled. 


The Guidebook

The deck comes with a handy guidebook that offers detailed descriptions of each card, along with all of the ways you can use the Endless Oracle as both a traditional oracle deck, or a unique myriorama!


The Endless Oracle is a “myriorama-inspired” oracle deck consisting of 50 hand drawn cards along with three extra add-on cards: the Artist, Fortune Teller, and Patron. These unique oracle cards can be arranged in any order to create various panoramic landscapes.

Endless Oracle - Eric Maille - INDIE DECK

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  • Oklahoma City, OK

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