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This deck was born out of the love and appreciation for symbolism in the world around me. I read tarot cards for a living, and knew that I had to take the meaning behind nature's symbols and melt them down into a deck.  The inspiration for insects as the focal point of the cards came from the idea put forward by William Cronon in "The Trouble With Wilderness" who states that humans are not separate from nature, we are one with it. And seeing the parts of our life played out by aspects of nature will bring a new level of connection between ourselves and what we deem to be nature. Because of the imagery, the deck is perfect for intuitive readers as the beautiful illustrations will evoke emotion, while also being great for beginners or by-the-book readers as it is packed full of symbolism and imagery. 

The deck follows the standard 78-Card Rider-Waite layout and definitions with 22 MajorArcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards. Each card was designed with care by myself, Liv and were then brought to life by Erin Cutler, an award-winning illustrator.


MY STORY (Olivia Kirkwood)

My journey with tarot began with the passing of the most beloved man in my life, my grandfather. When he passed, I reeled with the idea of never having his help, as in life he was my knight in shining armour whenever something went wrong. Tarot was a way for me to receive his advice through the veil, and he never disappoints! As a result, these 78 cards have become part of my identity. The cards quickly sank into every aspect of my life. Tarot was the perfect way to get answers to questions I was too afraid to ask. It was my own personal form of therapy. I quickly sought out ways to help people with my new-found skill and settled into working as a TikTok reader, providing both free and paid readings for individuals who sought me out. Not only has tarot allowed me to feel connected to those who have passed, but to myself on an entirely different level.


Little Wisdoms Tarot Deck - Olivia Kirkwood - INDIE Deck

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