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12 affirmation cards to let go of the past and set yourself free from beloved self-help pioneer Louise Hay.These cards were created to help you bring about forgiveness in your everyday life. Forgiveness means releasing regret, sadness, hurt, fear, guilt, blame, resentment, and sometimes even the desire for revenge. How do you start? By being willing to let get of the past. Be willing to release your emotional attachment to your memories of yesterday. The past is over, and this is a new day.You can set yourself free by changing your thinking. The more you forgive, the more love you will have to express. It’s no fun being a victim. Refuse to be helpless anymore. Claim your own power! Choose a card each morning, and it will be your positive message for the day!


9781401974619 (1401974619)

Publish Date: 2023-11-07

Louise Hay's Affirmations for Forgivenes Oracle Deck - by Louise Hay

SKU: 9781401974619 (1401974619)
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