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Unique Self-Love Tarot deck


Created by Hanna Tricoire who is an illustrator from Poland.

"In my illustrations I tend to focus on a female figure, but I don't force female perfection in my paintings. The girls in my drawings are curvy, have hairy legs but they feel comfortable and happy in their own skin. The process of creating this tarot was for me a journey toward self acceptance and self love and allowed me to look for good energy within me and not to relate these feelings with my look. I hope you will feel the good vibe while using this tarot and maybe you will smile while looking at the illustrations. This is my main goal."
The deck contains

*78 tarot cards, 22 Major Arcana, and 56 Minor arcana, all in full colour

*a small instruction printed in black and white, explaining basic tarot layouts and card meanings

*all cards are printed on 300 g/m2 sturdy papereach card has gold details made with hot stamping metallic gold foil

*the cards are in a, cardboard, slide-in box


Apart from the Self Love tarot deck, another part of the project is a "Positive Energy Guidebook":

*soft cover, 200-page bookthe pages are 120 gsm, and contain all the Tarot cards explanations

*in the book you will find all the illustrations of cards, in black and white, for easier navigation

*the book is in English



Self Love Tarot INDIE Deck with GUIDEBOOK

Excluding GST/HST
  • Poland

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