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My name is Ana (like Elsa's sister), but I go by F.F. Songana for my art endeavors.

Being an introvert since I could remember, I became a die-hard fan of the fantasy/sci-fi genre which now influences my art heavily. Throwing myself into movies/books/and games at a young age I was mesmerized and inspired by what I consumed. 

Naturally, I wanted to start creating stories of my own. And eventually, I started that art journey to aid my dreams—an avenue that gave me the courage to explore not just my art but the way we as a species endure happiness, love, and certainly a lot of pain and tragedy.

In short, those stories helped shape who I was and most importantly who I wanted to be. I wanted people to see themselves in my work and relate to it just as I once did, even if it was just a small vicarious escape.

And with enough practice, I concluded that I fell in love with painting the full spectrum of brown skin and what it has to offer. From the way it absorbs and bounces color/light, I really could go on.

I wanted to mix that same love of painting and marry it with storytelling. But as I got older the problems were more apparent with the communities I tried to integrate...

With stories, the main characters were rarely people of color. Especially with brown skin, and most of the time remained boxed in as minor characters or maybe the funny companion. God forbid they make it to the end of any series without dying or losing limbs while the other characters usually walk around with plot armor so thick it would make Indiana Jones a littlejealous. Now, the art community is just as guilty from what I've witnessed….

I was bothered to say the least, and safe to say I was over the narrative, I wanted to do something new. Which birthed The Stars Of Umber tarot deck!

Stars of Umber Tarot - F.F. Songana - INDIE Deck

Excluding GST/HST
  • Carbondale, IL - USA

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